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Text Box: We provide Security Management Products for the IBM System i(**).
Products are supplied to Banks, Financial Institutions, Local Governments, Marketing and Manufacturing Companies Worldwide.  
To assist in implementing these products and ensuring quality solutions, full Consultant and Auditing Services are available. 
The Products can be purchased as a complete solution or by  Module. The Total solution is known as OsSecure-Fi and the module names are listed under ‘the product’.
The modules that make up OsSecure-Fi have been developed to Resolve and Simplify Security Management without any loss of functionalism adding to the value of the native operating system. Modules available are supplied for Access Control, Application Management, Auditing, Reporting, File Transfer (Ftp(**), ODBC(**), Self Sealing, Help Desk and  Security Snap Shots.
In-house Security and Product training complete the  scenario of quality products provided for the IBM iSeries 400 (**).
We can also provide bespoke security management solutions to meet any special requirements. Commissions and R&D are also possible. 
OsSecure-Fi is developed and owned by Oasys Systems Limited (2012) UK.
Text Box: Help & Technical Assistance

No matter how easy security management may become through automated tools there is always a need to understand ‘what are the issues’ and ‘why are they issues’.

The underlying technologies which you may or may not use are present regardless.  The impact upon security of these technologies is  real and the fundamental basics of native security is no longer enough.

Why are they not enough?

Special or Unusual Security Challenges

We have resolved client issues with solutions that have been  creative, ingenious, resourceful and simple to utilize based upon high-quality iSeries(**) technologies. 

Fail Safe solutions a reality?

OsSecure-Fi, OsGuard, OsGuard-Mt, OsMenu, OsVigil, OsCompare, OsNet, OsNetE, OsView, OsObserve, OsSpy-Pc, OsSpy-Ftp, OsSelfSeal, OsTime, OsAudit and OsFastDD are all trademarks and copyrights of Oasys Systems Ltd  (2012).  IBM i, AS/400, System i, and iSeries are registered trademark of International Business Machines.  All other trademarks and copyrights are respected and maybe denoted by(**).  Warning and Disclaimer. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information shown, but no warranty or fitness is implied.  Oasys Systems Ltd shall have neither liability or responsibility to any person, company or entity with respect to any loss or damages arising from this information.

Text Box:  OsView
Real Time Security Monitors
and Critical Reporting
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